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Friday, December 13, 2013

Obamacare, Part 2

After my last post concerning Obamacare, I contacted my state representative in the U.S. Congress. I had tried getting coverage through the VA, but they said I made too much money and denied me any coverage. My congressman was unable to help me with anything concerning VA benefits, so that is definitely a closed door. In the meantime I had been shopping outside the marketplace website for private health insurance. My wife and I found one that seemed like it might be worthwhile. I went back to it today to get some in-depth details on it, only to find the premiums were double what we were quoted the first time around. I am sure this increase is to help pay for insurance for those already receiving government benefits. My question is this: How can the government dictate how I spend my money? If they are mandating that I must buy insurance, shouldn't they mandate that people receiving government assistance (welfare, food stamps, etc.) not be allowed to purchase alcohol, or tobacco, or get tattooed? I get so mad when I see people at the store paying for their food with food stamps, and be covered in tattoos and have beer and cigarettes in their cart.
My prediction for the economy is that people who cannot afford the insurance they are being forced to buy by President Osama will stop putting money into their local economies. They will go to work, come home, pay their bills, and have no money left over for discretionary spending. They will make only essential purchases (food, gas) at the expense of everything else. They may even start defaulting on credit card debt and so forth. I hope this abortion of a law gets overturned, and soon.
And the final icing on the cake? I found out the other day that our lawmakers in congress are entitled to a subsidy of up to 75% to help pay for their coverage. Base pay for a newly elected senator is around $175,000 per year.