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I'm a Funeral Services graduate embarking on a new career. I graduated high school in 1981, served honorably in the United States Navy from 1982-1986, been married since 1986, and have one son. I've relocated to a new state and have begun working in my chosen profession of Funeral Services, and I've never been happier.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Bohica, in the navy, stands for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Not surprisingly, I am once again forced to work on my day off. We have a service at the National Cemetery tomorrow, so that means I'll be coming in to do that. Maybe I can go home when I'm done. Both secretary's were out today. One of them had to take her father-in-law to the doctor; the other was home with her mother, who is on hospice and very ill. I spent the day at the other location working on death certificates and such. I don't blame the one girl with the sick mother, but I am tired of the other secretary taking off willy-nilly, especially when I'm working so much overtime. She took off a whole day a couple of weeks ago, left early one day last week, left early yesterday, and now was out all day today. In regards to our National Cemetery call, we have to take him to the other location first thing in the morning. Intern says he has been instructed to go to some Aging Network meeting. Right, go drum up more business because we're not working hard enough as it is. I think the owner is looking to hire another director. God knows we need one. Two directors for two locations is not working for me.