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Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Yard Work

Today was day two of yard work. We worked all morning, then around lunch got a death call. We brought him back and embalmed him, then finished up in the yard, for now. All we got done was to pull the old mulch out of most {but not all} of the flowerbeds. We still have more mulch to pull, then we have to get new mulch and wood chips and lay those down, but it won't be any time this week. We got yet another death call, this one is all the way across the state. I will be leaving at 5am Friday morning to go pick him up. It's about a four hour drive each way, so I'm going to have a long day, on top of probably waking up sore and stiff from all the exertion. But remember what I always say when I talk about working hard; it's better than being at the mall. And since we had our hands full with the first death call and printing up memorial folders and making telephone arrangements with the family across the state, we didn't get to leave early, after all.


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