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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dying Alone

We had a gentleman a few weeks ago who died without any family around. He had one child who lived all the way across the country, and apparently they did not get along. We took care of the arrangements, including a visitation and a memorial book. Only a couple of people came to pay their respects, and today, while a family was saying farewell to their mother, I couldn't help but reflect on how terrible it would be to die and have no one show up to say goodbye. Even if someone were despised and hated, I think that would be better than dying alone. In order to be hated, people have to know you exist. How much more terrible to die alone and unknown? No close friends, no one to send flowers, no one missing you. Please don't ever let that be me.


Blogger She thought she was alone said...

You're right, that would be terrible. But by that time, I guess it's more important that you know God, and not so much who remembers you. But still, it's sad to think that someone could carry a grude so far as to not even come to the funeral of your own father. No one should ever do anything as deplorable as to wish for the death of a family member.

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