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Friday, May 26, 2006

A Holiday Off? With Pay? I'm Confused!

I found out this week that not only do we get Memorial Day off, we get it off with pay! I've been working retail for so long I had completely forgotten the fact that some people in this world actually get to enjoy their holidays, spending them with their families instead of standing behind a counter all day waiting on the next idiot in line who had nothing better to do on a day off from work than come to the mall. Of course, this comes at a small price. I have to be on call for half of the day. I must make myself available from 8am to about 1pm. However, I can go anywhere my cell phone will take me, so I do have some freedom. And being on call is infinitely better than actually being at work. Not that I mind being at work; after all, I am loving my job and still in that euphoric state where I actually look forward to working. You have to understand; for the past ten years I had been so miserable in my retail job, so loathing of the work I did, that some days it actually made me nauseous just to show up. Have you ever had a job you hated that much? By comparison, I am living a dream come true in my new career.


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