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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Maybe I Should Have Been A Doctor

Last Wednesday was one very busy day. I got to work and was having my cup of coffee when my boss calls. We have two bodies to pick up at a local hospital. I get the information I need, make sure I've got two stretchers in my van and head out. I get to the hospital and security meets me at the morgue; we get the paperwork in order, get the first body on the stretcher, get him in the car, then I come back for the second body. We get that body on the stretcher and I'm done, so I head back. I get back to the funeral home and am immediately told I didn't sign all the paperwork, and I have to return to the hospital. I call them and ask if they can fax it. I was told no, I have to sign the originals. So I head back and find security. The guard leads me to the office and tells me, "You didn't put your funeral home name down here, and you didn't sign your name on the other form." Then he points to my signature on the one form I did sign, and says, "Is that your signature?" I tell him yes. He asks, "What is your name?" Puzzled, I tell him {First Name Last Name}. Then he cops an attitude and says, "How am I supposed to know that from this signature?" I point out that he had me print my name on another form, but he repeats, "Yes, but from looking at this form, how would anyone be able to read your name?" I simply told him, "Maybe I should have been a doctor..." and walked away. It pissed me off so much I almost complained to his supervisor, but I didn't because I will have to go back to that hospital at some point and deal with him or his colleagues again.


Blogger Nicole Guine said...

Hey, hope you're doing well! I miss playing words with you so you should come back soon, lol.

Here is a link to my new blog (took the other one down)

Hope to hear from you soon!

2:22 PM  

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