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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unusual Day

Today was not what I expected. Yesterday morning my boss told me Takes A Day Off would be back to work today. This morning I found out Takes A Day Off will be back at work on Friday, which is my day off. Regardless of what happens, I will take my day off. I've been reassured that Takes A Day will be covering this weekend like he's supposed to. Anyhow, today we had a service followed by burial at the National Cemetery. It was decided I would work that service with another director from our new acquisition. Turns out the other director was in dire need of death certificates which had not arrived yet, so he is need of someone to run down to the next county and pick them up. It was decided he would go to the National Cemetery alone while I ran the other errand. However, I was stuck at the new acquisition with no vehicle. Someone from our original location was going to come get me, but an hour after the director left, I'm still waiting. In the meantime, right after the procession left for the cemetery, someone comes in to pick up cremated remains. Not 1 minute after they walk in, we get a walk-in at need Medical Examiner call. The family wants viewing and visitation for tomorrow, with a service in the evening. I called my boss and told him I had a walk in, so he comes over in time to finish up. I had started taking information for the death certificate, and about the time we get to services and pricing, my boss arrived and closed the deal. Immediately afterward, we return to the original funeral home, where I take the errand car to pick up the death certificates, and he takes the van to go to the Medical Examiner's office and get the body. He returned around 4pm and together we embalmed the body. Tomorrow morning Returning Employee and I must suture the body, bathe, dress and casket him, then go to the airport for our ship in funeral. I will be in the hearse and he will have the limo. When I return from that I'm supposed to work the evening visitation, I think. We'll see what the owner wants done.


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