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Monday, January 11, 2010


Bohica is an acronym we used in the Navy. It stands for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again," meaning one was about to receive a royal screwing. We would sometimes refer to it as "Screwed and Not Even Kissed," except being sailors we weren't so concerned with our language.

The point of all this is that Takes A Day Off called in sick today, and now it's even doubtful if he will be able to fulfill his on-call duties this coming weekend. Since my boss is going out of town this weekend, someone will have to cover those duties. 99% of the time, it falls to me. I am seriously considering putting my foot down over this. Takes A Day Off has a history of bailing out on his weekends when my boss is out of town. I should bring this to the attention of the owner and see what his thoughts are. I've repeatedly worked on my weekends off and been asked to come in on my days off, while others can take time off whenever they want to. I've about had it.

In addition to the weekend, we have two services on Wednesday, one of which involves the limo and picking up the family and the casket at the airport. Returning Employee is supposed to be off on that day, but if Takes A Day Off is out for the count, I think someone besides me will be screwed out of their day off.


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