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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Should Have Feared

In my last post I talked about another solo embalming I was going to do. I'm sorry to say that despite my confidence, it did not turn out too well at all. The body was full of water, I got very poor circulation and poor distribution. I ended up working for 3 hours, and my case turned into a 6 point injection. Both carotid arteries, both brachial arteries, and both femoral arteries. Despite injecting the right leg, fluid was not moving at all. I ended up hypodermically embalming both legs and the torso. The only good results I got were going down both arms and going up the head.

However, despite the poor results, I take satisfaction in knowing that I was able to deal with it. I successfully raised and injected the arteries, and successfully treated those areas that did not get good distribution. The owner checked my work today and said everything looked good, which I will take as a compliment, considering the condition of the body.


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