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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is Errand Guy Ever Coming Back?

I'm pleased to report that I was able to enjoy my day off. I told my boss he could call on me if I was needed. Thankfully, he didn't, so I had assumed Errand Guy, who took all of last week off, had finally come back to work. Imagine my surprise when I showed up this morning to find that not only did Errand Guy not work yesterday, he won't be in again at all this week. Supposedly, his hernia is acting up. Personally, I believe that like I believe Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegetarian.

It's one thing to come to your boss and say, "I'm having some issues, I need time off." It's quite another to keep stringing everyone along and have them pick up your slack just because you've got issues. We've been having to run his errands and make his removals while he's been playing hooky, and today my boss told me that I'm his back-up when he's on call. This means that if my boss is making a removal, and we get another call while he's out, I'll have to do it, even though I'm not on call. Thanks a lot, Errand Guy...


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