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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Off In Danger - Again

As usual, my day off is once again in danger. If you've been reading my past few posts, you'll know that Errand Guy took quite a few days off. It started out with his regular weekend off. Then he calls in Monday. Wednesday he was scheduled to be off, so he ended up taking Tuesday off, making it 5 days off. Thursday he never showed up. Turns out he called the owner and arranged to take the rest of the week off. So come Monday morning, I'm wondering if he's going to show. He'd better, because while he was gone, we had quite a few calls, and we all had to pick up his slack, and today (Saturday) we've had three. Two of these three will be with viewing and visitation. On Friday I reminded my boss that I'm supposed to be off Monday, unless he needs me to work. He told me that would depend on what happened over the weekend, and as I've said, we've had three calls on Saturday alone.

If Errand Guy lays out Monday while I have to work, I'm going to have something to say about that to my boss and the owner.


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