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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Taking My Lunch Hour

I'm writing this while I'm home for lunch. I was getting really pissed off around lunchtime. We had a service that was scheduled for 12:30pm. Our normal lunch is from 12-1 when nothing is going on.
Since we had this service, that threw things a little out of whack, but I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. The plan was to go like this:
My boss and our errand guy would handle the funeral. Me and the other guy would stay behind. Well, since errand guy would be leaving in the middle of what would be lunch, he went home around 11am and took his full lunch hour. My boss had taken the morning off, and showed up precisely at 12pm. The other guy was given an assignment which would require him to leave before 1pm. Since this would cut into his full hour, he left about 11:30 or so to go home for lunch, returning about an hour later.
The owner was sitting with the family from a call we got about 9am, and I figured I could go to lunch as soon as the funeral procession left at 12:30. In the meantime, the secretary leaves about 12:15 to run some errands and pick up her lunch. The owner finished with his family at about 12:20, and tells me to get the body prepared for embalming while he goes to lunch.
So, in essence, pretty much everybody is getting their full hour, except for me, who was left behind and alone to cover the phones and anybody that walked in, all while getting the body ready for embalming. This involves closing and positioning the eyes and mouth, and raising the artery for injection. Right in the middle of all this, the phone rings a couple of times, and someone walks in the front door. It was my Ambush family, with questions about filing insurance. The secretary was back by this time, and between the two of us we get the family straightened out on how to get things done.
Then, I return to my prep work. When the other guy showed back up at about 12:30-12:40, I told him I was going to take my lunch when the owner came back. The other guy ran his errand and got back around 1:10 or so. I finished what I was doing, then told him I was leaving and taking my lunch hour. On the way out of the parking lot, the owner was pulling back in. I stopped my car and told him I was taking my lunch, I would be back in an hour. Notice the emphasis on the word hour.
Usually I eat my lunch at the funeral home. I either run and get something and bring it back, or I bring something from home. The downside to this is, as I mentioned, you have the phones to deal with and anybody that may walk in. More often than not, I don't get to enjoy a full, uninterrupted hour of lunch.
Today I did.


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