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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Schedule

The new on-call schedule has gone into effect. I had yesterday off, which was a really strange feeling. I've had every other Thursday off for so long that the change is going to take some getting used to. Tonight is my last night on call for about three weeks, if this schedule works the way it's supposed to.

Of course, we had to "celebrate" the last day on call with a bang. I got home about 5:15, and about an hour later the phone rings and I'm off to the hospital. I make the removal and take him straight to the crematory. I get back home just in time to eat supper, then I log on to the internet and start poking around, all the while listening to my music with Winamp. About 10 minutes into this process, the phone rings, and I'm off again. To add insult to injury, this wasn't even our call. One of our competitors found themselves without anyone to go get the body, so they called us. Since I'm on call, I get tapped for the duty.

I made the removal, and when I arrived at the other funeral home, I jokingly told the director I would just take my $250 and be on my way. Actually, I have no idea how, or how much, I'll end up getting paid for this one. I just hope the rest of the night is calm and uneventful.

By the way, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some coffee and filters for the funeral home. I could not believe how expensive that stuff has gotten! We usually get the big container of Folgers Classic Blend, which I believe we were paying around $6 or $7 dollars for. The price was $9.50. I ended up getting a 1lb brick for $4.50.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see things "should" ease up on you because of the schedule change.

DM-- Greenwood

8:05 AM  

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