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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Man Who Wasn't There

In yesterday's post I talked about my efforts to track down a doctor to have him re-sign a death certificate. I picked up the hunt again today, calling the office I visited to yesterday to confirm that he would be in. I was told he would be in all day long, with the exception of a couple of hours at lunch, which is understandable.

I show up at his office around 10:30, only to be told he's not there! I told them that I had called and was told he would be. I was informed that he only visits this office on Tuesdays and Friday mornings. He was at another location. I got the address and headed out. I arrived about 20 minutes later, only to find his office was closed for the day. So I make a note of the address and when I get back to the funeral home, I look up the phone number and call. I got the answering service, who told me the office was closed all day. I told them who I was looking for, and they said he was probably at yet another office. I got that name and phone number, but by this time it was lunch and I wasn't even going to go down that road.

In summary, this doctor has at least 4 different addresses, rotating among them on what is probably a daily basis. The plan my boss and I agreed upon was to go down Friday morning at the office where he is supposed to be, of course, calling first to verify he is actually on the premises.


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