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Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Bits Of Nothing

Not too much has been happening at work. Me and my boss did have a slight bumping of heads the other day. This family was trying to get us to deliver death certificates to their lawyer, but we were still in the process of getting them filed. So I took their phone number and told them we would call when they were ready, find out where to deliver them, and then bring them to the family.
My boss returns from getting the certificates, but he says we are to hold onto them because their lawyer can't help them. I guess probate was not his specialty. He then tells me to cover the phones while he steps out on an errand. I ask him, "what if they call looking for their certificates?" He rather curtly tells me to "handle it." So, of course, they call. I tell them their lawyer said he does not need them. The family says, "no, but we do. Can you deliver them?" Well, bearing in mind that I was told to handle it, I agree and find out where to take them. Then I send my only available man. While he is out, my boss comes back, and I tell him what I've done. He then fusses at me for not calling him! I remind him that he told me to handle it, and I handled it. Not much he could say about that.

Errand guy took the whole day off today. He didn't even bother showing up. I guess he called my boss and found out that there wasn't anything going on. Wednesday is his normal day off for the week. I'm almost willing to bet he's going to call out tomorrow, as well. This will give him a nice, long, albeit unpaid, vacation. Saturday through Wednesday.

I was in line at KFC at lunch today. The people in front of me were dumber than a bag of hammers. It was a young couple; the girl was leaning on the counter where you place your order, filling out an application. Never mind the dozens of empty tables in the dining room, stand right there in the way, why don't you? Then, just as she's finishing and their food is ready, boyfriend decides he wants an application, so he proceeds to start filling his out where you pick up the food, all while people are piling up behind them and his food is getting cold.

Right about closing time this guy came in to sign his preneed contract. He kept my boss there a whole hour, nitpicking the contract and challenging every little charge. Finally, just when we're winding down and getting this guy out the door, a family walks in. There's been a death and they want to use us. So my boss sits down with them while I cover the phones and standby to help however he might need me to. We finally got out around 7pm, two hours after closing. For a minute, I thought he was going to make me go to the hospital for the body, even though I'm not on call. The on-call guy had left at quitting time, and had probably eaten his supper, something neither I nor my boss had the opportunity to do at that time. He decided not to send me.

I called my wife to tell her I would be late. She informed me our AC was out. Probably just needs a freon recharge. Not looking forward to that repair bill, but I will be glad when it's up and running again. It's HOT here!


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