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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Afraid There's Not A Whole Lot To Say

I hate to make useless entries about nothing, but at the same time I hate going days and days without posting. Work has been fairly uneventful this past week. We finished the last of our rush of services last Monday night. Today we had a private viewing for a family. The calls have slowed down some, but we do have some services on the horizon. We will be receiving a body from another state on Monday, with services that Wednesday. We've got a service this Friday morning in a nearby church, and tomorrow night is a memorial service for the private viewing family. I'm on call this week, and I know of at least one pending call we will be receiving. One of the members of my church is in the Intensive Care Unit at a nearby hospital. It doesn't look promising, despite our prayers.


Blogger Naomi said...

I just read this post re. a member of your church being in Intensive Care. I'm sure it's especially difficult when you have to organise funerals for people you know personally

6:16 PM  
Blogger Granimore said...

It's not so bad during the actual funeral; the awkward part is when you keep seeing the family at church week after week. I wonder what they think every time they see me? Does it bring back memories? Does it hinder the healing process?

2:56 PM  

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