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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How Things Are Going

The owner went on a trip about a week or so ago; since he's been gone we've had at least one call each and every day. Most of these are direct cremations, which means no services at all, some have been full-service cremation, which means embalming, viewing and visitation, followed by a funeral service, either in our chapel or at a church. Today was no exception. We got a call late last night from a local hospital. This morning we took the body to the crematory. When we got back, we were getting ready to go to church for a full service cremation funeral. We get another call, so one of us went to pick up the body. When he got back we performed the embalming and departed for church. When we returned from church, we get a call from a family who is expecting a death any day now. They want full service cremation, but they want the funeral about 90 minutes south of where we are. My boss tells me I may be in charge of this one, meaning myself and another guy will take care of the funeral while the boss stays behind. I don't mind this assignment, and I'm not intimidated by it the way I would have been a few months ago. I feel confident and capable, and it's a good feeling.


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