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Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Eventful Couple Of Days

I've had an interesting couple of days at work this week. Tuesday I arrived at work to find out we had received a call the night before. The owner, who is back from his trip, tells my boss to let me sit with the family. They came in about 11am and I took care of them. Each time I make arrangements (this was about my fourth, I think) I find it to be just a shade easier than the previous time. Of course, what was immensely helpful was that these arrangements had been pre-planned about six months previously, so really all I had to do was verify the information and schedule the service. After the family left I booked the preacher, then I ordered the urn and engraving to go with it.

Wednesday we had a memorial service for a very popular person. We had a very large turnout-standing room only. We had even opened up a small room with a window that looks out into the chapel and put about 18 seats in there. That was SRO, also. After the service I took the cremated remains to the National Cemetery. I had about a dozen cars or so, including the family, of course, following me there. When I arrived, there were another half-dozen cars waiting for us. This service was the largest one I've ever presided over. Everything went well and the family was very pleased with our arrangements.
Today we had a funeral with burial. The deceased had outlived most of his family and friends, so there were very few people there. The wife was not well enough to go to the cemetery, which was about an hour away, so I took the casket there after the visitors had left the funeral home. This time I was all alone; no procession or visitors at all. It was a nice day, good traveling weather, and I had my music with me. After the burial I stopped at Steak 'N Shake for a delicious pepperjack cheese steakburger and a chocolate shake.


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