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Monday, October 02, 2006

Airtray In Action

During my post about the crematory, I mentioned airtrays. (The reason they are called airtrays is because this is what is used when shipping casketed human remains by air freight. They are also sometimes used for ground shipment, but air is the most common method. Uncasketed remains are shipped in a combo unit, which is like a cardboard casket reinforced with plywood.) Please allow me to elaborate on how they are used. In the first photo we have a brand new airtray on a truck (cart).

Here is the airtray with the casket cover removed. The truck is visible beneath the tray. The casket is placed onto the airtray, as demonstrated in the next photo.

Next a plastic sheet is placed over the casket to help protect it from scratches and other hazards of the journey.

Finally, the cardboard cover is placed over the casket and strapped down. The human remains are now ready for transportation to their final destination.


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