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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Have The Phones

My immediate supervisor is on vacation all this week, and the owner has decided that I should take the phones every night. This means that I have to forward the phone from the funeral home to my cell phone at the end of the day, and take any calls that come in after hours. I'm just a little bit nervous; I don't mind taking death calls, I've done a few of those, but my concern is people who call wanting prices or questions answered. I'm not quite that advanced in my training yet.

Work has slowed down to a crawl. For the past week I've been in the prep room, where I've emptied out the cabinets, cleaned and painted them, then re-stocked them. Yesterday I spent all day scrubbing and cleaning a temporary prep table. I thought it looked pretty good until I put a little Brasso on it. Now it shines like brand new. Tomorrow I will finish shining the table, then I have a memorial service to attend at 1:00pm. It's at a nearby church, and I have to be on hand to greet visitors, make sure they sign the guestbook, pass out memorial cards, etc. It will be nice to get out of the funeral home for a couple of hours.


Anonymous Coral said...

All you seem to do in your spare time is clean, the whole place must sparkle, what did they do before you started there? You must be close to finished now, no more wall space to clean / paint!

5:13 AM  

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