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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Show Of Faith

We got a death call this afternoon, and I made the removal. It turned out this person had pre-arrangements with us, so we knew we were to embalm. I got the body back to the funeral home and the owner was waiting to perform the embalming. He got everything set up; mostly I watched since he was in a hurry to get finished and get out of there. He said he had plans. So everything is going well, except the left leg wasn't getting good fluid distribution. So the owner tells me he's leaving, and that I will be raising the vessel and injecting the leg. He asked me, "Do you think you can handle that?" Of course, what could I say but, "No matter what, I guess I'm going to have to." He agreed. I'm glad to say I did raise the vessel and inject the leg, then completed the cavity treatment, bathed the body, cleaned the instruments and got out about an hour after the owner left. Either he was in such a hurry he had no choice to do what he did, or else he is starting to develop some faith in my potential. I vote for the latter.


Blogger She thought she was alone said...

Sounds promising. In either case, at least he knows he can count on you to do what needs to be done.

9:28 AM  

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