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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year Resolution?

Yesterday at work my boss pulled me aside and questioned me about a family I served a few weeks ago. The total cost was around $2200 or so. This was simple cremation, no services, urn, engraving, paid obituary notices here and out of state, and extra death certificates, both for the deceased and the spouse of the deceased, to settle the estate. The family had been paying a couple of hundred dollars every few days, and about half the bill had been settled, but suddenly the payments stopped. I had ordered the engraved urn, cremated the body, ordered the extra death certificates, paid for the obituaries, etc. There is still money due to us and my boss was upset that it had not yet been collected. He told me we need to get this account settled, and was pretty harsh about it.
Now if you've read through this blog, you might see sometimes where I come in early, or stay late, or do whatever it takes to get the job done while others just sit around, slack off, come in late and leave early. So I started thinking; should I be like everyone else, showing up exactly on time or even a few minutes late every single day, get by with the minimum amount of work and no more? It's something I'm considering as a resolution.


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