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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tragedy Of Errors

We had a call late last week, and the owner sat with the family Saturday morning. Sunday morning I get a call from the family pointing out that the obituary is all wrong. It turns out someone who shall remain nameless typed it up all wrong. The last name was misspelled, and the first name was nowhere near correct. So I had to go in Sunday morning and submit a new obit. Tonight was their visitation, and the family asks me where is the cross? I check the file, and yes, there was supposed to be a cross, which we were out of. I called the owner and he said just to note in the file they were due a refund on the cross. The family also wanted the wedding ring back, but when I made the removal, there wasn't one. Now the family probably thinks we're a bunch of inept, thieving boobs, and I've got to escort them to the National Cemetery tomorrow.


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