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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baseball, Funerals, Apple Pie And Chevrolet

The work just keeps on coming. We had three funerals today, two tomorrow, one on Friday, and three on Saturday. In addition, we got a call this morning and the family is coming in tomorrow to make the arrangements. This will also be a full service; viewing, visitation, etc. I hope they don't want Saturday. {Edit: They did want Saturday; that's our third funeral}. Takes A Day Off was off today, despite the fact that we had three funerals, with two of those going to the National Cemetery. I think that if he was able to be off today, I should have no issues taking my regular day off this Friday. If I have to work, I'll be wanting to have a discussion with the owner.

In other news, I've been wanting to play some baseball on my PC, and I can't find my EA Sports game I bought a few years ago. So I went out and bought 2K Sports MLB2K9. It was half the price of 2K10, and I'm not one who has to have the absolute most up to date rosters and such. Overall, it's an ok game, but it has some issues which are driving me crazy. I can't seem to be able to play at home, no matter how many times I select HOME from the menu. The controller is programmable, but if you change the buttons on your batting menu, it also affects the buttons on other menus such as fielding and baserunning. Also, despite the fact that I saved my profile as a rookie, every time I start the game I'm back on pro level. Overall, I prefer my EA Sports baseball game, but they no longer make them.


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