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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Boss Got Chewed Out

My boss got chewed out by the owner today. My boss had me ship an urn last week, giving me no special instructions at all. So I sent it in the usual manner, 1st class, return receipt requested. It went out on the 1st of October, and so far it has not arrived, and the family is having a ceremony sometime in the next day or two. So we've been getting calls every day from the receiving funeral home, and today the owner overhears one of these calls, so he starts asking my boss about it. My boss says we sent the urn 2 or 3 day express, and I speak up and tell him I did not do that, and my boss tries to turn the blame back on me by saying that I should have sent it "the way we usually send them." Well, I did send it in the usual manner, and the owner starts chewing my boss out about how he should have given specific instructions, especially if time was a factor. The chewing lasted about 20 minutes, and I left about 5 minutes into it. I'll have to keep my head down and try to stay out of my boss's way until he's over being pissed at me (which I'm sure he is.)


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