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Friday, August 07, 2009

Two Sets Of Rules

Today was another boss day. I swear, I did not start this blog to chronicle the clashes between me and my boss, but that's how things have been turning out lately. I got up at 5:30am to drive the owner and his wife to the airport for their long weekend getaway. In the meantime, we (the funeral home) have a cot view scheduled for late afternoon. I return from the airport, handle a few errands, and am making lunch plans. My boss informs me that I am to prepare the body for the cot view. I have no problem with that; I've done it several times before. So I take care of it and the family was very pleased with the appearance and complimented us on how well we did. At 4:30, with absolutely nothing going on what so ever, I ask my boss if I can leave early since I had such an early start to my day. He looks at me and says, "what time do we work 'til around here?" I said, "5 o'clock." He says, "ok, then...Nobody else leaves at 4:30, do they?" I answered him that, yes, some people do leave early sometimes. So, once again, he gives me the "whatever" attitude and tells me to do what I want. Very calmly, keeping my smart mouth shut, I tell him that I will stay until 5. In the meantime, my blood is boiling because Takes A Day Off and Returning Employee have, on numerous occasions, taken off half an hour to an hour early when there is nothing going on. In fact, Takes A Day Off earned his nickname on this blog by taking off so many days and half-days last summer that I lost count. He even missed an entire month of work at one point! It seems clear to me now, (as if I had any doubts before) that there are two sets of rules. One for me, and one for everybody else. The joke's on them, though, because I just got a raise and some extra vacation time that no one else knows about or got themselves.


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