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Friday, June 05, 2009

Saved My Boss's Bacon

Yesterday was quite interesting. I was talking with the owner this past weekend about directors completing their files from start to finish. By that, I mean the director meets with the family, generates the death certificate, permits, writes the obituary, contacts the cemetery, etc. There are some directors (I won't mention my boss by name) who have a habit of meeting with families, then passing the file off to somebody else (like a junior director who happens to blog). Yesterday the owner saw this in action, and scolded my boss for treating me like his personal secretary. So I am ordered by the owner to stop doing the file for my boss and start running errands. My boss is then ordered to complete his own file. This particular case calls for burial at the National Cemetery on Monday, complete with honor guard. I got as far as filling out the burial application, then started running the errands. About 4pm today, after I've finished all the errands, I'm putting together the memorial package for Monday, when I notice there is no honor guard booked. So I make a couple of phone calls, get an honor guard lined up, then call my boss to make sure he hadn't booked one and simply forgot to write it down. It turns out that no, he had not. I told him not to worry, I had it covered. The secretary then tells me that while I was gone on errands today, the owner was looking over the board where our services are listed and asked my boss point blank if everything was set for Monday. His answer was, "yes." Good thing I caught that little oversight, or come Monday I'd be at the National Cemetery looking like an idiot.


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