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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hitting The Ground Running

When I left work yesterday, all of our funeral/memorial services had been concluded, all of our paperwork was finished, all of the death certificates had either been picked up from the health department or had been filed. In short, we were pretty much caught up with all the immediate work that comes with a death call.

When I arrived at work this morning, I saw that we had a new call, then my boss arrives from another call, and informs me that not only did we have those two calls, we had a third and were waiting for the body to be released. While he's bringing me up to speed, a man walks in and tells us his mom died, and another firm has her, but he wants to use us. While my boss was making arrangements with him, the phone rings and the caller tells us her mom died a few hours south of us, but that we have the pre-arrangements. Very quickly we went from being caught up to having five new calls. Needless to say, today was kind of hectic. We met with two of the families, handled our long-distance call via telephone, and have two appointments for tomorrow morning.

But, as I've said before, now matter how busy we get, I still love my job. Especially nowadays, where job security is more important than ever.


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