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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Rest For The Weary

I made it through the hectic weekend. Two services on Saturday, two on Sunday. Thankfully, Monday was my day off. However, during the course of the weekend, we wound up with three new calls. I did as much as I could with the files, entering all the data into our computer so the secretary would be just a little ahead when she showed up to work Monday morning. I enjoyed my day off immensely. Not only did I get some rest, but my son and I went to see the movie, "Valkyrie." It was my second viewing, his first. I had taken my wife the week before. Interestingly enough, I liked it even better the second time around.

Tomorrow I have a funeral at the National Cemetery. Originally, we were supposed to process by the home of the deceased on the way, which would have taken an extra 15 minutes out of an already tight schedule. Thankfully, that plan has been canceled by the son of the deceased. We will be going straight to the cemetery. I will also be working a visitation/service Friday night, then I'm off for the weekend. I plan to spend it up in my attic, trying to install some radiant barrier insulation. I want to do it when the weather is in the "cool to cold" range, which it will be. Nothing is worse than sweating your butt off in a roasting hot attic.


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