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Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Things Done

Christmas morning, about 2am, I get called out. I would hate to lose a loved one around the holidays, but on Christmas Day especially. That has to bite. So I knew coming in to work this morning that we had at least one call to deal with. When I arrived I found out we had two more; one on Christmas Day and one early this morning. In all, we had three families to meet with. Each licensed funeral director (myself, my boss and the owner) took a family. While all of this was going on, we got another call. So that was four calls between close of business Christmas Eve and lunch today.
We generated all the death certificates, and all but one were delivered. There were five certificates, because of a call we had Christmas Eve day that we finished processing this morning. Of the five death certificates, I delivered four, and three of them I were able to have signed on the spot. No doubt I've chalked up some "attaboys" from the higher-ups for this feat. We have two kinds of acknowledgements, "attboys" and "oh crap!" It takes 100 attaboys to make up for one oh-crap!


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