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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Overtime And Smacking The Boss Around

I am racking up some serious overtime this week. I've got thirteen hours of OT, plus three from last week, for a total of 16 hours on this paycheck. Unfortunately, it's also close to tax time, so guess where most of that money is going? Uncle Sam.

Sometimes I would just love to smack my boss around until he gets it through his head that I can be counted on to do what I say. Tonight we got a call, so I sent Returning Employee out. I then called my boss and told him about the call. He instructed me to make contact with the family, then call him when I found out what the arrangements were. I called the family, but there was no answer. So I decided to try back after a while. My boss calls back wanting to know what I found out. I told him there was no answer, and that I would try again in a few minutes. He told me to call him when I made contact. I told him the minute I talked to the family, I would call him. So I called back, again there was no answer, and this time I left a message. I left work and on the way home, my phone rings. I see that it's my boss calling, and when I answer he asks me if I had talked to the family. I asked him, "Have I called you back yet...?" He didn't like that, but I don't care. Once again, he told me to call him when I made contact.


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