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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dressed, Casketed and Cosmetized

Friday we had a body to get ready for viewing this weekend. We had to dress the body, place it in the casket, then do the makeup and hair. Returning Employee usually takes care of the makeup, but he never showed up. Apparently he was working at the new funeral home. So I got the body dressed, me and Takes A Day Off put it in the casket, then I got right to work cosmetizing. I applied a red-tinted liquid called "splash" to the hands and face, then I applied the lipstick, touched up the eyelashes and eyebrows, then finally I cosmetically covered up some bruised spots on the hands and forearm.

My boss arrived a couple of hours after all this was done, with the intention of doing it himself. Needless to say, he was very surprised it had already been done, and even more surprised, I think, that it was done as well as it was. He made one minor correction, then pronounced the job as well done. From there, our secretary did the hair, and now everything is ready.


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