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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Still Here

There hasn't been too much to write about concerning work, at least not without coming across as negative. I had a very busy Friday a couple of weeks ago while both my boss and our secretary were on vacation, but I got through it. This weekend I'm off, and I'm glad of that because we have two visitations on Sunday; one at our original location and one at our new acquisition. Both funerals are Monday morning. One is going to a local cemetery, the other to the National Cemetery. There are limos for both, and my boss neglected to check if our limo was available before he booked it for his family. He wound up borrowing a limo from another funeral home. Hopefully the driver will be included, as we will be stretched thin enough without having to provide another driver.
The calls keep coming in. We're on a pace to possibly reach 300 calls this year. If we get 25 calls a month for the rest of the year we'll hit it. I heard that the last time we had 300 calls the owner was passing out bonuses like crazy. I wouldn't mind getting some of that action.
I've also been busy learning how to edit videos on the computer. The owner came back from vacation with some videos, and asked me to put them on dvd. I have no experience at all working with videos, and to make matters worse, he had two different cameras that recorded in two different formats. One was a high-def Sony camera, the other recorded in Quicktime format. I finally got them burned onto dvd; now he will want to edit it and such before he makes copies for his friends. Joy.


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