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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost A Nightmare

I had a most unusual dream the other night; almost a nightmare. I haven't had one of those in years, but this one really creeped me out. I dreamt that we had someone at the crematory who wanted to be cremated alive. I cannot even begin to imagine how painful that would be. In the dream, we were talking to this person, explaining everything about how cremations are accomplished, how hot the retort is, how painful it would be. We even opened the door and let him feel how just how hot everything is. The average bonfire, from what I can find out on the internet, is somewhere between 600 to 900 degrees. We cremate at a temperature of 1650 degrees. If you were fully exposed to that kind of intense heat, one breath would sear your lungs, so no matter how much agony you would be in, you would not be able to scream, let alone breath. The dream ended without resolution; I either woke up or it just faded away.


Anonymous shicky said...

its time for a new post! Your killin me :)

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