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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I May Need Oven Mitts

...if I have to keep pulling my boss's backside out of the fire. We had a funeral yesterday at our new location. Visitation was from 8-8:30am, with mass at a nearby church at 9am, then burial at the National Cemetery. Since visitation was so early, we got the body ready Monday afternoon and took it over to the new location. Tuesday morning we bring the hearse and limo over from the original location. We're waiting until it's time to go to church, so I ask my boss if he put out an American flag. He says, "good question" and goes into the chapel to see if there is a flag. No, there is not, so we quickly folded one and put it in the hearse. Had I not said anything, we would have arrived at the National Cemetery with no flag for the honor guard to fold and present to the family. In another story, my boss spoke to a family a few weeks ago. They wanted to send their loved one up north when the time came, for burial in the Jewish section of the cemetery. My boss was supposed to check on all the burial requirements, but when we got the call and I asked for permission to embalm, the family was hesitant because they weren't sure if burial of embalmed bodies was allowed in the Jewish section, and that my boss was supposed to have checked on that for them. Turns out he did not check up on anything, and the metal casket he sold the family was unacceptable; we had to switch caskets and put the body in an orthodox Jewish casket. This is a casket that is manufactured of wood, containing absolutely no metal or animal products or by-products.


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