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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moving To The National Cemetery

I may as well move to the National Cemetery. I was there Monday, Wednesday, and will be again on Friday. Wednesday's service was a full burial. The others are cremated remains, which means I take the family up in the limo and hold services at the cemetery.

My boss continues to not listen to me. We got a call today, and I told him we did not get a phone number for the next of kin because the person who called did not have that information at hand. As I was leaving to get the body, I asked him if he wanted me to call him once I got the number. He asks me, "didn't you get it when they called?"

One of these days, just to prove my point that he tunes me out when I talk to him, I'm going to try that old sitcom standby of uttering outrageous or nonsensical statements.

Errand Guy continues his pattern of taking half-days off at every opportunity. How he expects to pay his bills by only working what amounts to part-time, I'll never know. The owner even made mention of how much time this guy takes off. He said, "well, this can't's going to affect the other employees' morale." I told him, "too late."

Back to our most recent call, visitation will be Sunday, with services Monday. For the second time in 4 weeks, I'm getting screwed into working on my day off. While it seems other employees have no problem bailing out of work at every opportunity, I can't even get my regular days off!


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