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Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad Attitude Day

I am having a major bad attitude day today. I'm not even sure what set it off. I think the tone for the day was set this morning when everyone came in late. One guy came in 5 minutes late (I don't think too much of him doing it, he's usually either 5 minutes early or late, about 50/50 of each). The other, Mr. Takes A Day Off Whenever He Possibly Can, came in at his usual 15-20 minutes late, and the co-owner, my boss, was 25 minutes late.

Today we had a Memorial Mass, then I was to take the ashes and the family in the limousine to the National Cemetery. We're getting everything ready, and my boss decides the limo needs gas (despite the fact that it's got 3/4 of a tank). So he decides to take off for the mini-mart, and asks if I want to go. I tell him, no, I've got to back the van up to the back door and load up everything to take to the church for Mass. He tells me I can do it when we get back from the minimart, and I tell him (again) I'm not going. He asks me, "why not?" I simply asked back, "does it really matter?"

After Mass, we head for the cemetery. Mass was at 10am; I had breakfast about 7:15am, and the ceremony at the cemetery was scheduled for 12:30pm. So the best I can hope for is to get back to town and take my lunch around 2pm.

A word about lunches: me and the secretary usually eat our lunch in, while everyone else goes home to eat. This results in a lot of lunches that are interrupted by phone calls or people walking in, or vendors dropping by, and every once in a blue moon, casket deliveries. I cannot even begin to tell you how many lunch hours last about 20-30 minutes. So I decided to myself that when I got back to the funeral home, I was taking my full hour for lunch, regardless of what was going on.

Upon my return, I find that my boss has taken the owner to the airport and is not due back for about an hour. Mr. Takes A Day Off hands me a piece of paper with a name and number on it and wants to know if I will call them back with some cremation prices, and the other employee tells me he's ready to casket the body we got yesterday; the same body that has visitation Sunday and the other National Cemetery on Monday, the day that was to have been, but is no longer, my day off. All of this within 30 seconds of parking the limo and hanging up my suit coat. I just look at them and tell them, "no, I'm going to lunch." I got in my car and left, went to Long John Silver's, then came home to write all this down. I'm due back in 10 minutes, but out of principle, I'm going to be 15 minutes late. I wouldn't be surprised if I got reprimanded for all this; but then again, I doubt it. My boss seems to think that the reasons Mr. Takes A Day Off works as little as he does is none of his (my boss's) business. If he says anything to me about today, I'll just tell him I had some things to work out, which was what Takes A Day Off told me one time when I asked him about his work habits.


Anonymous Big Ed said...

The problem that comes in, is that the excuses lazy boy uses don't always work in your favor when the shoe is turned. I've tried before. The bose will say, what he expects from you is a lot more than from lazy boy. Basically as long as you are there to pick up the slack behind lazy boy(i don't mean the chair company), lazy boy can continue to slack and you can continue the hard work. You know, one hand washes the other. so you have one clean hand and one dirty hand. I have one like that at work too, I call him fat boy(might be from the same family as yours, same sirname), he uses the "teamwork" slogan, thinking that the rest of us will help him with his duties but he never returns the favor, and always has excuses, for everything (life, universe = 42). Keep your head up trooper. One day soon Mr Takes a Day Off might just forget to come to the office for good. ( Iuse the word Office, I didn't want to confuse him with the word Work)

6:46 PM  
Blogger Granimore said...

Thanks for the comments. I have been told by the owner and my boss that more is expected of me, but it still sucks at times, especially since I have also been told I have no authority over my coworkers. So all I can do is "suggest" things to do, like, "this certificate is ready at the doctor's" or "the boss wanted the lobby swept." I don't think Takes A Day will quit; but I do think he will work as little as he possibly can and still get by.

By the way, I did not get in trouble.

10:19 PM  

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