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Friday, January 05, 2007

Who Solves The Crimes?

This post is a bit off-topic for the nature of my blog, but my son pointed out something interesting to me a few weeks ago.

According to TV shows, who solves crimes?

The Cop shows (and I'm reaching way back into my early years for some of these) like Dragnet, Adam-12, The Rookies, or more recently, Law and Order? The cops on these shows did their investigations, followed their leads, and put all the pieces together until they were able to zero in on the culprit.

Or is it the Lawyer shows, like Perry Mason or Matlock, where the client is actually innocent, and the lawyers and their staffs, in the process of preparing their cases, do all the detective work and unearth the "real" evidence which not only exonerates their clients, but points directly to the guilty party?

Or is it the new breed of criminalists, the Crime Scene Investigators, with their high tech tools and cutting edge science?

Actually, in real life, I'm sure it's the police, in conjunction with the CSIs who are responsible for the majority of solved cases. Nowadays, defense lawyers don't necessarily defend the innocent, they try their damndest to protect the guilty from getting what they truly deserve.


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