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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Sorry I'm so late in getting a new post. I've had a very busy end to the Christmas season. We had two death calls on Christmas day, and two later that week. The two that came later had visitation over the New Year's weekend. One was New Year's eve, the other was New Year's day. Since I was on call, I had to work them all. So while most of my co-workers and my wife were taking some time off, I was on duty at the funeral home; half a day Saturday, half a day Sunday, and all day Monday. I didn't mind a whole lot, but I'm looking forward to this weekend off, if I get it. We had two calls to start out the New Year, both of them coming Tuesday night. One is a direct cremation, with a memorial service a week or so down the road, but the other is a full burial on Saturday. I have made it known, politely, that since I had to work all through the New Year holiday, that I would prefer if I didn't have to work this weekend, as well.
I was relaying this story to my wife, and she made a comment that really really really pissed me off bigtime. She said I sounded like I was back at my old job. I told her that wasn't fair, and that it was easy for her to say because she got about a week off at her job, while I didn't. She apologized later.


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