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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two Funerals, Two Calls

Last night we had the triple visitation. It was so crowded and busy! Thankfully, despite the chaos, things went well. Today we had the two funerals, one this morning, then one about two hours after that. As soon as we returned from the first funeral, we had about 30 minutes to get things ready for the next service. Right in the middle of everything, we get a death call. We left for church, then one of our guys made the removal. While he was on that removal, we get another call. So we called the guy who was already out, and told him once he got back to the funeral home with the first body, he had another call to make. So when we return from the funeral, we got to work embalming the second call, as we had preplanned arrangements for him. The first call we got, we were unable to reach any next of kin for a couple of hours. Once we got hold of them, we were instructed not to do anything until they could come in, which will be first thing in the morning. All in all, a very hectic week, but I love it!

We got all the caskets moved out of the extra room. It took us a couple of hours to get it cleaned out, then another hour or so to get it cleaned up. Once the owner saw how nice it looked (it's been a storage room for over a year) he started thinking about not using it for storage anymore. It will need painting. Gee, I wonder who they could get to do that? Hmmmmm.....


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