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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Triple Visitation

This Friday will be a busy one indeed. We have three visitations scheduled simultaneously, with two funerals on Saturday. This wouldn't be too bad except for the decision by the owner to do some last minute remodeling.

We have our main chapel, which is good shape. However, the paint job is white, and all of the doors leading into the chapel are a dark wood. He decided Monday that we should paint them white. So one of our guys has been working on that the past couple of days. Bear in mind, however, that when the owner says "paint them white" this translates as, "take them down, remove all the hardware, sand them down really really good, wipe them down, make sure there are no obvious flaws or glitches, then paint them with two or three coats, being careful not to leave any brush or roller marks, or drips, or clumps, and make sure they turn out flawless and glossy." So this isn't exactly a one day project, or even two, due to the drying time between coats.

Then we have a second, smaller parlor. A few weeks ago the owner had us remove the wallpaper, which was applied from the chair railing to the baseboard. The reason for removing the wallpaper is we will be redecorating that room in the near future. We pulled it off, and the wall underneath was pretty clean and in good shape. The owner decides that since we will be using this room Friday, we should go ahead and start painting it! Bear in mind that the chapel doors are still being worked on, we have two bodies to embalm, and now, since we have three visitations, we will have to clean out our third parlor and get it ready for visitation. Usually that room is never used, and right now it is full of caskets (about 14). Tomorrow we will move those out and get the room ready. A thorough cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, the whole nine yards.

Well, we got the smaller room halfway painted; we only did the section of the wall where we had removed the wallpaper. I don't think we'll have time to paint the rest of the room until after the visitations. Tomorrow, as I mentioned, we clean out the third room, then finish the chapel doors and re-hang those.

This morning, I successfully raised the carotid artery of one of the bodies I worked on. I also heard from my old teacher, who reads this blog, that I now have done more heart taps than him, since that is something he has never done.


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