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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Licensing Update

I sent my application in to the State Board last month, as part of the process to schedule my licensing exam. As of Wednesday morning I had not heard anything at all from them, so I gave them a call. My application has been received and I am on their agenda for the November meeting, at which time the board will review my application and either schedule my test date or send my application back for correction due to any possible oversight I might have made. I was supposed to be fingerprinted as part of the application process, but I did not do it for two reasons: One, I did not have any official fingerprint cards, and Two, I was fingerprinted last year as part of the intern licensing process. One of the items on the application was the option to include any type of written statement the applicant wanted to convey to the Board, so I told them that while I understand fingerprinting was part of the process, I had already done this and felt it should not be necessary to repeat, as my criminal status, or lack of, had not changed at all since my last fingerprint submission. We'll see if they accept that or make me get printed all over again. If I am accepted, I'll probably test sometime in December. I'll let you know.


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