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Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Surge Of Activity

This month has been fairly quiet. As of yesterday at close of business, we had eleven calls, only one of which had any type of services at all. This morning we were expecting a delivery of caskets. At 4:40a.m., I get called out to make a removal. The pre-arrangements call for direct cremation. I made the removal, came home, showered, ate a nice breakfast, then went back to work.The truck rolled in at 8am with 27 caskets. We got those unloaded by 10:30a.m. The whole time we were working, and all through the lunch hour, the phone was eerily silent. About 2p.m. the phone starts ringing, and two lines are ringing at once. The owner was on one line, while I answered the second line, which turned out to be another death call. I took all the information, and my boss and another guy got ready to leave to make that removal. Right as they are about to get into the hearse, a car pulls up and a woman gets out. She wants to check on her friend's pre-arrangements and make sure we have all of our information up to date. While my boss handles that, the phone rings, and it's someone wanting information on pre-planning. So my boss fields that call while I finish up the walk-in.

Funny how we went all morning without a single phone call or drop-in, then suddenly the skies open up and the calls and visits come rolling in. That's what makes this job so unpredictable, and why you should take care of things when you have the chance to, because you never know when it's all gonna bust loose on you.


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